Thursday, 29 November 2007

MIX08 = "Go Live" License for Silverlight 2.0?

Scott Guthrie has just announced that common sense has finally prevailed and that Silverlight 1.1 will be renamed Silverlight 2.0, and that a beta with a 'Go Live' license will be available 1Q 2007.

I thought it was very disingenious of the Microsoft Ireland who gave a talk on Silverlight on the Silver Screen a couple of months back, to indicate that Silverlight 1.1 would go RTM 'very soon', when all the indications at the UK's MIX07 event had been that we were about a year away from it being RTM.

Reading between the lines, I'd be very surprised if Silverlight 2.0 didn't officially go beta, with its associated 'Go Live' license, to coincide with the MIX08 event in Las Vegas as the start of March, hopefully with RTM around June or July next year.

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