Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ian's Link Dump 14th May 2009


MVVM with Slider that Chooses Which Model to Display (Ed Tanguay)

MVVM Approach: Big Smart ViewModels, Dumb Views and Any Model (Ed Tanguay)

So What is XAMLFest?

First Virtual Silverlight Developer and Designer Network Meeting

Flash vs Silverlight on Smashing Magazine

nRoute and MVVM - A Match Made in C#

15 Excellent and Useful Silverlight Tutorials and Resources

New York Times Silverlight Kit Now Open Source

Customising DataPager

RadScheduler for Silverlight

Building a Data-Driven Expenses App With Silvrlight 3 (MSDN Magazine)

Alpha Video with Silverlight 3 Pixel Shaders


Two Fixes You Must Have for Visual Studio 2008

New Version of AJAX Toolkit

The Identity Developer Training Kit

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Expected as Soon as Next Week

Grid Computing on the Cloud Platform Part 1

Entity Framework 4: What Is and Is Not Supported

Update on the Entity Framework V2 in .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

A Lap Around the Entity Framework from the DBA's Perspective (screencast)

Sneak Preview: N-Tier Development with Entity Framework V4

Microsoft Visual Studio AJAX Profiling Extensions Power Tool

Why Messaging #4: So How's It Going?

Windows 7

Installing Windows from a Flash Drive


Styling Your Lists


Learn to Create the Film Look


The Evolution of a Web Site Design (StackOverflow DevDays)

Six Things to Think About When Building a Web Site

10 Ways to Launch a New Blog with a Bang

25 Logos with Hidden Messages

10 Things to Check Before Using a Captcha

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ian's Link Dump 13th May 2009


How to Show the High Score of a Silverlight Game on a Web Site from a Different Server

Silverlight ClipToBounds - Can I Clip It? Yes You Can!

Silverlight ValidateXAML Error

Silverlight Using WCF with Windows Authentication

SQL Server Value Tool Written in Silverlight

New York Times Switches from WPF/Silverlight to Flash and AIR for Reader 2

Silverlight Unit Testing, RhinoMocks, Unity and Resharper

An MVVM Structured WPF Application with Timer

CoverFlow - Built Using Silverlight 3's Projection Feature

Matchingo - A Silverlight Memory Game (using PRISM, MVVM, Dependency Injection, Unit Tests)

Pineapple Upside-Down Chart (How to: Invert the Axis of a Chart for 'Smaller is Better' Scenario)

Notes on Aricle: MVVM Toolkit Documentation from Codeplex (Ed Tanguay)

Logging Navigation in the Silverlight 3 Beta

Expression Blend 3: Trying a Drag and Drop Behavior Part 2 (Mike Taulty)

Silverlight 3: Template Binding vs Relative Binding

.NET RIA Services Simplifies Web Development Efforts

Silverlight 3 RIA Services: DataForm, Validation

'RoutedCommands and RoutedEvents are not used in MVVM' (StackOverflow Discussion)

.NET RIA Services ViewModel Pattern Part 2: Testability, Server Mocking and Dependencies (Nikhil Khotari)


Announcing the SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit (MS Downloads)

SQL Server 2008 R2 Announced

Adding Captcha to Your Web Forms

Why These jQuery Worst Practices Aren't!

Sneak Preview: Model First in the Entity Framework 4.0

Sneak Preview: Deferred Loading in Entity Framework 4.0

IE8: Nine Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Free Products from Telerik


Google Search now Supports Microformats and Adds 'Rich Snippets' to Search Results

Ten Usability Heuristics

12 Breeds of Client and How to Work With Them

Agile Processes

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated (free ebook)

Pomodoro Timer for PC


Free 'Futurista' icons

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ian's Link Dump 10th May 2009


'Odin' Unit Test Runners for the Silverlight Unit Test Framework

Document Toolkit for Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3

Silverlight Toolkit Overview Part 3: Theming

Creating Circular Rotating Text in Expression Blend (Silverzine)

Silverlight Slider that Snaps to Rounded Value When Dragged

User-Initiated Actions in Silverlight

'Great video about using Silverlight Graphics

Programming Silverlight with the Core CLR

Colorful Expression Add-in for Blend and Design

Supporting ScreenReaders in Silverlight


Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta

15 Things You Need To Know About Windows 7


Is Information Visualisation the Next Frontier for Design

50+ Posters 'Graphics Design is...'

Color Tools, Resources and Tutorials for Photoshoppers

Ian's Link Dump 9th May 2009


New Training Resources on Silverlight

Debugging Silverlight in IE8 (on Windows 7)

How to Define the Stule of the Selected Item in a XAML ListBox or ListView

Expression Blend 3: Trying a Drag-and-Drop Behavior (Part 1) (Mike Taulty)

Flash vs Silverlight: What Suits Your Needs Best?

Beat Box Application Part 3: Playing Media Elements

Other Microsoft

SysInternals on the Web

Update Live Template for NUnit in Resharper

jQuery Worst Practices

Windows 7 RC1: 10 Things You Need to Know


Mozilla Labs Prism (turn any web site into a Prism application)

How to Get Started with iPhoen Development


30 Cool Creative Cartoon Character Tutorials

Monday, 4 May 2009

Ian's Link Dump 5th May 2009


A Quick Note on Namespaces in Silverlight/WPF

'Convert Brush to Resource' button in Blend 3

Getting the Most out of the Vector Tools in Expression Design

Using Vector Graphics from Office Clip Art in Silverlight/WPF Apps

Using Wikipedia as Clip Art Source for Silverlight/WPF Apps

ASP.NET Membership and Roles in Silverlight 3

Notes on Blend and Expression Video Tutorials

XPath (barely) in Silverlight 2

Validation - Hey, You're Done (Silverlight 3) (Jesse Liberty)

Data Binding Data Validation in Silverlight 2 (Jesse Liberty)

More Validation Fun - But Not Done Yet (Shawn Wildermuth)

Silverlight DataGrid Control

Add a WMS Layer in Silverlight

WPF/MVVM - How to Get Data in Design Time

WPF Discussion 1st May 2009

Brian Noyes on Selecting the Right Client Technology (video)

MIX09: Principles of Microsoft Silverlight Animation


Getting Started with Azure .NET Services Platform

Using jQuery with Client-Side Data Binding Templates


The Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials


Pro Tips to Breathe New Life Into Your Web Site

Star Trek Icons for Free Download

Best Tutorials for Cinematic Visual Effects

Large and Growing Collection of Free Photoshop Brushes

Ian's Link Dump 3rd May 2009


Rooler Utilities for Measuring and Analysing On-Screen Graphics (Peter Blois)

First Smooth Streaming User-Generated Content

Silverlight Error Codes Explained

Silverlight Beat Box Application Part 2: Custom Panel Hit Testing

MIX09: Sharing Skills and Code with Silverlight and WPF


Problem with the Azure Training Kit's IntroAccessControl Hands-On-Lab

Microsoft Source Analysis aka StyleCop

CheckboxList Client-Side Validation Using jQuery

How to Create Tabs with jQuery UI

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ian's Link Dump 2nd May 2009


15 Excellent and Useful Silverlight Tutorials and Resources

Extending Silverlight's Mouse Events

SilverlightContrib Star Selector Control Updated

Integrating Silverlight 3 Polling Duplex with Unity Container

Silverlight UK User Group #7 Meeting Agenda Posted

Silverlight Smooth Streaming Showcase Site (720p movie trailers)

Star Wars Crawler in Silverlight 3


DotnetBlogEngine (Open Source Blogging Engine Written in .NET)

Script and CSS Management in ASP.NET MVC part 2

Other Microsoft Related

90 Videos Added to 'Essential SQL Server 2008 For Developers' Workshop Online

IE8 Installation: The User is in Control


15 Best Places to Get Inspirational Web Designs

20 Excellent Javascript Navigation Techniques and Examples

7 Surefire Web Design Styles That Work

HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Killer Tutorials

The Effective Strategy for Choosing Right Domain Names

Design a Beautiful Web Site from Scratch

Free Font: Whiteboard Modern Demo

Ian's Link Dump 1st May 2009


Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit v0.1 Released

Switching Pages and Passing Parameters in Silverlight

Register Silverlight Controls with Visual Studio and Blend

WEB09 - Silverlight and Blend in Auckland, New Zealand (Tim Heuer)

Expression for Art's Sake: Silverlight and Blend in Wellington, New Zealand (Tim Heuer)

How to Use App.Config in WPF Applications

How to Make a Frameless WPF Application with Custom Close/Drag Buttons

WPF Application based on MVVM that Saves and Writes to an XML File

Locate Me and Virtual Earth Sample for Silverlight

INotifyPropertyChanged Snippets (And Why You Should Use Them Instead of Dependency Properties)

Metadata Classes (in .NET RIA Services) - A Force for Good or Evil? (Mike Taulty)

Forum Post: RIA Service or ADO.NET Data Service?

Expression Blend 3 is Sweeeeeeet

Silverlight MVP and Why I Love Silverlight

A Silverlight TextBlock with Tracking, Surely You Jest?

Silverlight Real time Swine Flu Viewer

Silverlight Real Time Swine Flu Viewer

Silverlight Animation Tip

Using SketchFlow to Create Better Prototypes


Why Messaging - Part 2: What is a Message?

GeoLocation API

IE8 'Firestarter' Videos now available

Other Microsoft

Windows 7 Setup Secrets


SCRUM Cheat Sheet


60 Beautiful Design Tutorials and Resources

350 Ultimate Free Spray and Splatter Paint Brushes


The Downfall of Agile Hitler