Monday, 9 November 2009

When Visual Studio Insists on Starting Two Copies of Your Application

Some months back I had a nasty problem where every time I tried to run my Silverlight web application two copies of the browser would start up. The only way to stop this happening was to run the application in Release instead of Debug mode, which isn't really an acceptable solution when you're writing new code and need to step through it.

The problem started occurring just after I'd installed an extremely buggy Silverlight control suite from a 3rd party vendor (no names or I'll be accused of just wanting to 'pick a fight' or being 'uncivilised'! ;-)), so I put it down to the 'cost' of using these particular controls.

It turns out I was wrong (that'll teach me!). I didn't think any more about it since the problem finally went away when I repaved my PC with Windows 7, but a couple of days ago Microsoft's Jeff Handley hit the same problem and asked if anybody else had experienced it.

Earlier today he tweeted that it looks like the problem is caused by installing Windows Live Toolbar, and now that I come to think of it I DID install the toolbar around the same time I installed the 3rd party controls. And I didn't bother to reinstall the toolbar when I repaved my PC with Windows 7.

No doubt Jeff will be publishing some more details on his blog when he's dug a bit more into it, but I thought it worth posting about the issue here, because when I hit it Google certainly wasn't my friend. Good to get to the bottom of the issue, and hopefully there'll be a fix soon.

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