Thursday, 3 January 2008

Daily .NET Blog Update #2

Not a lot of 'signal' around today, with seemingly endless "I'm an MVP" and "I've been renewed" blog posting 'noise'. A few new Team Foundation Server links again today, but if you could check out just one link then the one to check first is Karl Seguin's Foundations of Programming!

.NET Development: Foundations of Programming - Are you an MSDN.NET programmer struggling with token attempts at OOP using complex APIs, or are you an ALT.NET developer using domain driven development and comfortable with unit tests, dependency injection, interfaces, O/R mappers and everything else that goes with it? Karl Seguin hopes to turn you from the former into the latter with an excellent series of posts on that have now been compiled into an easily digestible 47 page PDF. Excellent stuff!

Knowledgebase: Recent .Net Framework KBs enumerated - a tidy table showing what KnowledgeBase matches which framework and language id now that .NET 3.5 has shipped, from Aaron Ruckman.

TFS 2008: TFS Times - All about the Build - There's a new monthly newsletter about TFS 2008 and the current issue is all about the Build process.

TFS 2008: Visual Studio Team System Sample 'Scenario Help' Topics. - A while ago the Team Foundation Server User Education team at Microsoft blogged about replacing the 'orientation' topics in the help file that ships as documentation for TFS with new 'scenario' topics (you can read that blog entry here). Now they're soliciting feedback on sample documentation that demonstrates this scenario-oriented approach to documenting the beast that is Team Foundation Server.

WinForms: DataGridView Watermark Cell - If you've got a custom column in a Windows Forms DataGridView control and want to place a watermark in it the Windows Forms User Education Team at Microsoft have some code to help you out.

Windows Home Server: HP MediaSmart Server getting security, media streamer updates - If, like me, you've purchased an HP MediaSmart Server (highly recommended!) Engadget has good news on some new updates that will be 'beamed out' shortly.

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