Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ian's Link Dump 17th March 2009


WPF In a Box

Microsoft Expression March 2009 Newsletter (lots of good stuff!)

Another WPF Application Sample Using M-V-VM

Make Sure All Elements are Properly Loaded in your WPF Code-Behind

Simple Example of an Interactive Rules Engine in WPF

Silverlight Pulse - A Twitter Silverlight Application

Very Cool Razorfish DaVinci Surface Application (short video)

Create a Glass Orb Button in Silverlight Blend


Learn how to Make Snippets in Visual Studio 2008

How to use C# yield to easily return an iEnumerable Collection

DDD and Respositories: Without nHibernate but Lazy Loading

How .NET Regular Expressions Really Work

LINQ and the DRY Principle

LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities Performance Comparison

Entity Developer 2.0 Beta Available (Replacedment Designer for ADO.NET Entity Framework)

Foreign Keys in the ADO.NET Entity Framework

Foreign Keys in the Entity Framework (Kimberly Trip)

25 Useful JQuery Tutorials for Developers and Designers

JSLint - The JavaScript Debugger


How Software Developers Work

How to Recognise a Good Programmer

How I Learned to Program/Manage an Agile Team after 6 Years of Waterfall (Sarah Ford)

99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications


Monetizing Your Content


Customise Your Logon Background in Windows 7

New Smashing Freebies for Designers and Developers

Abstract Lighting Photoshop Brush Packs

Breadcrumbs in Web Design: Examples and Best Practices

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