Monday, 23 March 2009

Ian's Link Dump 23rd March 2009


WPF vs Silverlight: It's the Wrong Debate

Customising Silverlight Video Players using Expression Blend

The New Silverlight Toolkit Experience

Silverlight 3 Beta Install Experience: Avoid Annoying Loop (Tim Heueur)

Build a simple Twitter Client using Silverlight 2

Silverlight 3: Detecting Network Status

Silverlight 3: Deep Linking

Silverlight 3: Data Binding with the Virtual Earth Control

Writing a Design Time Experience for a Silverlight Control

Silverlight 3: Array Helper

How to Prepare Your Silverlight 3 Application Offline

Merged Resource Dictionaries in Silverlight 3

Displaying Background Activity in a Silverlight RIA

Silverlight "On the Bike" Demo (as featured in MIX09 keynote)

Silverlight Accordion Control Part 1

Using the New Silverlight 3 Perspective Tools to Emulate 3D

Creating Particle Effects in Silverlight

Breaking the Sandbox in Silverlight 3

Deep Zoom Collections Explained Part 2

What makes Silverlight Better than HTML/CSS/JavaScript

An Introduction to Behaviours, Triggers and Actions


Building a Continuous Integration Build Server

A new Visual Studio Hosted Debugging Technology based on .NET Reflector

Your first NHibernate -based application

General Web

Increase Firefox Speed and Decrease Firefox Memory Usage

Why IE8 Disappoints Developers


Balsamiq (a great sketching/mock-up tool

Axure Wireframe Prototyping Tool

Sites Without Menus: Do you Really Need a Main Nav?

5 Universal Principles for Successful eCommerce Sites

70 Excellent Photoshop Resources

40+ Beautiful Patterns and Textures for Ornate Backgrounds

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