Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ian's Link Dump 28th April 2009


Paging with the Silverlight RIA Services DomainDataSource

Microsoft Previews Great WPF and Silverlight Apps with Facebook OpenStreams API

Use SketchFlow to Build Skateboarding Penguins

The Connection Between DataContext and ItemsSource

How to Evaluate Data in XAML Using DataTriggers and IValueConverter

MSDev.Com (Got XAML?)

Silverlight CountDown Control - Your Days Are Counted

Announcing WPF TestAPI Release 0.2

Silverlight 3 - Simple Control for Online/Offline (Mike Taulty)

Silverlight 3 Simple 'Flip' Control Build on PlaneProjection (Mike Taulty)

Silverlight 3 Duplex Wrap-Up

Creating a Simple Silverlight Countdown Blog Badge

Open Source Silverlight Game for Kids

Element Binding That Acts Like Visio

Faking Synchronous Web Service Calls in Silverlight

Gotcha's for Web Services in Silverlight

Silverlight Out-of-Browser Apps: Local Data Store

Silverlight 3 Navigation API

NAB Recap, Las Vegas April 20-23, 2009

Looking at Triggers and Actions


Validation Part 2 - Client Side

The 7 Phases of Unit Testing

Messaging Part 1 - So Why Messaging?

Behavior Driven Development

Office 2007 SP2 - The Press Release (with download link)

Easily Create Effects for Your WebSite with Glimmer (jQuery)

How to Automatically Create a Switch Statement from an Enum


An Introduction to IE8 Developer Tools

BlackbirdJS - Say Goodbye to JavaScript Alert Boxes

The Mystery of CSS Sprites: Techniques, Tools and Tuorials

10 Dirty Little Web Development Secrets

95 Things I have Learnt in 9 Years of Community Building

Cloud Computing in 70 Seconds


Basics and Tips on Designing for the iPhone

Web Design Trend Showcase: Letterpress Text Effect

Web Site Layout Toolbox

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