Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ian's Link Dump 29th April 2009


Silverlight 2 DataGrid Demo Application with Formatting of Data

Beat Box Silverlight Application - Part 1 - Overview

Silverlight Navigation Part 3

Introducing HTML Utilities for Silverlight

WPF Application Quality Guide v0.5 Released

Generate WPF and Silverlight Dependency Properties using T4 templates

Perenthia World Builder in Silverlight

Great Silverlight Charting Resources

Switching Expertise from Client Dev to Silverlight

Understanding and Managing Silverlight Resources with Expression Blend

Trying to Get the Story Straight (WPF/Silverlight Storyboard Differences)

Silverlight 3 System Colours (Mike Taulty)

Developing Surface Applications

Resources for Surface WPF Development

Silverlight 'Light up the Web' Webasts

Silverlight DomainUpDown Control

Data Binding in Blend 3 for Designers

Get Started with Silverlight Training Videos (Expression web site)

Silverlight 3's New Child Windows


Technology Related Links (Good Link Dump with Stuff I'd missed)

Free ASP.NET MVC Tutorial Now in HTML

Validation - Part 3 - Server Side

Presenting CodeBetter.Canvas

Fun with HTTP Headers in ASP.NET MVC Action Filters

Testability and TDD are Not Reasons to Use the ASP.NET Framework

Free Chapter of 'Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0': Testing MVC Applications

ThreadAbortException (CLR Team Blog)

Updated NUnit Templates for MVC ASP.NET v1.0


Vista SP2 RTM

Announcing SP2 for Microsoft Project 2007


Fame and Fortune Await for Those Who Play with IE8

18 jQuery Scripts and Tutorials to Improve Your Portfolio

Javascript Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference Guides

Balsamiq: Weekly Release Bug Fixes and Better Scaling

CSS Layouts Grid Systems

CSS Layouts More Grid Systems

The Art of Creating Beautiful Stylesheets

The Rise of jQuery

Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect with jQuery

Glimmer Makes jQuery Animations Easy (Tim Heuer)


13 Tutorials for a Perfect Twitter Background

60+ Useful Photoshop Actions for Photo Enhancements

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