Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ian's Link Dump for 7th April 2009


19 Online Code Examples That Help You Learn MVVM

Issues with the Web Services Feature in Silverlight 3 Beta

Silverlight Spy - Visual Debugging Silverlight Applications (Channel 9 Video)

Building a Composite WPF Application

Line of Business Silverlight Applications That Rock

Do you have any feedback on the AutoCompleteBox API?

Pixel Effects in Silverlight 3

Using MVVM with Silverlight (some concern this is not a 'Best Practices' Example)

Using Silverlight's WebClient Class

TabControl and Vertical Text

Silverlight 3's New Assembly Caching

nRoute Actions and a QuickStart

An Addin to Quickly Generate Your WPF Business Objects

Silverlight 3 Derived Styles (Video)

A Mediator Prototype for WPF Apps

Blend Tips and Tricks

Silverlight Tip of the Day: Week 12

5 Random Gotcha's with the Silverlight DataGrid

How to Build a Good Install UX with Silverlight

How to Make a Drop Down Button in WPF

Silverlight and WPF 'Blacklight' Control Suite


5 Reasons You Should Take a Closer Look at ASP.NET MVC

Writing IE7 and IE8 Plugins in Managed Code

Disabling Script Debugging in VS2008 and IE8

Use HttpApplication.CompleteRequest instead of Response.End

ASP.NET Ajax Preview 4 Samples

Azure Table Test Harness with HTTPS, Encryption and Membership Services for Authentication/Authorisation


RefCardz: Free Cheat Sheets for Developers

Tools for Analysing and Tracking Your Competitors

'I Need to Read This' Saves URLs Worth Reading Later

The Origina of 9 Popular Web Buzzwords

15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Web Site


The Digital Journalist


Tabbed Navigation and What Makes It Useful

Showcase of Well-Designed Tab Navigation

Free Movie Fonts Collection

50 Creative Business Cards of 50 Graphic Designers

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